Prophets Of Da City – Struggle Continues (Remix)

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Prophets Of Da City – Struggle Continues (Remix) :This freedom day Prophets Of The City will be re-releasing their 1994 hit “Da Struggle Kontinues.”

Our country may be a democracy, yet we still have to fight the traces of apartheid’s lingering impact every day. Celebrate with a reminder from the Boom-Bap legends that its not over; everyone one of us is still a catalyst for radical change. Prophets of Da City (POC), is a hip hop crew from Cape Town, South Africa.

They were one of South Africa’s first musical acts to draw international attention and acclaim with their hard hitting anti-apartheid lyrics which furthered the fight against the oppressive regime, not only internationally but, they kept the message of liberation through pro-activity close to the nations’ youth.

The song will be available, FREE OF CHARGE, across all platforms as of tomorrow the 27th April 2018. It serves to commemorate our 24th year as a free nation; free to vote, free from racial oppression but most all free to change our future. A luta continua, Da Struggle Kontinues. Produced: DJ Ready D & Shaheen Ariefdien (1995)

Prophets Of Da City – Struggle Continues (Remix) MP3

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