Nelly ft Jacquees – Freaky With You

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Nelly ft Jacquees – Freaky With You :Nelly has not dropped new music since March 2017 when he put put out ‘Sounds Good To Me‘ so he was surely looking to change that.

The multi platinum rapper has been busy touring Canada and other markets these past few months. A rape case threatened to really upset his career but thankfully it was dropped soon after by the prosecutors because of the alleged victim’s refusal to cooperate with the process.

Nelly is now back with a brand new single titled ‘Freaky With You’ where he enlists singing contribution from Cash Money affiliated artist Jacquees. Just by the title you can tell that this is going to be one hot bedroom banger. It doesn’t disappoint.

Stream it below.

Nelly ft Jacquees – Freaky With You (MP3)

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