Juelz Santana – Liu Kang (Freestyle)

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Juelz Santana – Liu Kang (Freestyle) :By now, Nicki Minaj has established herself as, at the very least, somewhat savvy in the extensive arts of Street Fighter.

While I’ve always been partial to Tekken myself, it would appear that Juelz Santana has thrown his hat in the Mortal Kombat race. Channeling the iconic Liu Kang, Santana keeps the motif alive in a new rendition of Nicki’s “Chun Li.”

While recent legal woes have proved troublesome for the Dipset rapper, Santana remains steadfast in his decision to keep busy. While fans might be accustomed to hearing Juelz over Just Blaze or Heatmakerz production, he seems at ease over Nicki and J. Reid’s carnival-esque banger.

Opting for a slow, methodical flow, Santana likens himself to Floyd Mayweather, rapping “I can go however many rounds, oh it’s beef we flay the whole cow.” While this might do little to satiate your Dipset craving, it’s still welcome to hear Juelz doing his thing.

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