ALBUM REVIEW: Gedes – The Waiter’s Theory

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The Waiter‘s Theory by Gedes is a 20-track Mixtape that talks about various topics from Life to Love, Violence and Challenges in the Nigerian Music Industry. The tape features couple of dope MCs from seasoned lyricist MC Skill Tha Preacher to the very talented Blaqbonez, the King Slayer/Maker; A-Q, Lord TR and lots more.

Here is a track to track review of the project.

Nice flow on a sample of Ye‘s Jesus Walk… this intro is perfect, as he raps with every track title in the mixtape.

No one apart from Eminem can do what Gedes did on this.. okay, that sounded like I‘m over-hyping him. I ain‘t actually, the flows, lyrics and composure.

In his rights, yeah, Gedes is a Rap God. Enough said. Such as Gedes are not to be fvcked with. A word is enough for the wise.

Share his thoughts on this as he takes us on a tour into his mind. He raps on a solemn beat that makes the lines sink in “take my verse to the church and show the priest my religion”. A great track I must say.

He rapsabout those with the talent who didn‘t use it well, some going diabolical and he also blames the industry for all these. The Media spreading ignorance, social media affecting the young ones negatively, and also took a shot atpromoters to accept them (artistes) as they are instead of wanting them to imitate other acts. The entertainment world and its vices. “shit happens when intelligence can‘t give you swollen pockets”,He raps. The hook ain‘t bad but it ain‘t spectacular. I expected a better hook and verse from Veedee I wonder why he ain‘t got one.

As the waiter, he‘s serving immortality to people through his music. Immortality is found in the road he walks. “This is the Theory of a Waiter; serve immortality to these dying potentials” he continues… “sensitive to each recipe, allergic to flaws”… “immortality is the story that defines you” …and The Waiter served us perfection on this. DOPE!!!

He talks about a girl with the face even the angels are jealous of, saying her beauty is something to live for. She got tired of him, nagging that he loves music better, and he was vexed cos she was comparing herself to the music like she didn‘t wanna see him progress. She left him cos of that.

Butafly told her own part of the story as the guy doesn‘t call her no more, sleeps with groupies and she ends on the note saying “I‘ll be stupid to miss you”. This is a complete song, tells stories that an average person can relate to.

Never heard a perfect love story before this is not an exception. Nice track though.

Here he talks about the black metaphor, racism, how technology contradicts religion, the irony of religions preaching love but some go as far as killing people just to prove a point. The religion that is supposed to bring people together in love is a cause of disunity. False prophets and end time shii. “The human race has lost its humanity, the truth is a scarce commodity, condemned originality, religious differences even when both sides never stop preaching love”.. Touching song.

The hommie is talking to you, yeah. He‘s asking for more of your time, and also acknowledges that he needs our (you & me) support to grow and he‘ll be lost without it. I trust him on this and he‘s got mine already. Don‘t be stingy with yours. To that charming voice I heard on the hook; whoever this Yana babe is, she‘s good. Killed the hook, hoping to hear more from her.

Gedes na badman… the Real N-Word, is really the Real N WORD (no disrespect to Ice). Gedes goes all N on the first verse of the track. You won‘t get this if you haven‘t listened to the track. On the second verse he went pidgin “I‘m the bestman even for my own wedding”…“I dey hear the message by force like house wey them build near church”. This guy good abeg.

This song starts with a skit asking Gedes why he raps. He said he raps to educate people;of course, the money sef na motivation. “This is not for these comedians claiminghip-hop heads// or these ones playing cool on the internet// its strictly for these ones here who can relate// who appreciate// this knowledge I communicate// this is for those who had my back from day 1 till date//”.A-Q (the King Slayer) “funny thing is I don‘t really like rapping// I just like to look up faces of rappers when I out-rap them//” he brags on this track. Gedes comes back again on a different instrumental entirely and he goes hard on it, repping his team and a bit of bragging. He‘s earned it.


Fecko starts this track and he really did impress me, he talks about the fakeness and ass-kissing in the Nigerian Music industry. That hook got me swayed, its my favourite hook on the tape; bigups to Camerizy.Gedes comes in after the hook, nice verse, but he could have done better, I mean its Gedes. The last verse tripped me. That flow would make the ocean stand still.

Tonicode is someone to watch out for, the guy is dope, and he killed this track for me.

Gedes was poetic here, went deep on this track as he talks about him being too fly for this music and wants the heavens to be his witness, he‘s too focused on the music, as he spends his free time creating art (music). He‘s speaking as a prophet here. This track sounds a bit like A-Q‘s freestyle on Timi Dakolo‘s classic sound “Wish me well”. This is a yes, dope song.

As the title goes ‘Apex Predators‘ they talked about being above average and not being impressed by whatever skill anyone possesses.MC SKILL started with a battle kinda verse, he was furious on this, angry and energetic. His words “I‘m always battle ready, superman I‘m never battle friendly”.Not really a fan of the hook, more noise than music on the for me.

Gedes “I walked through the valley of death blind folded”; “it‘s no worry if you think I‘m a lame rapper// even Christ was crucified for being the Messiah”. Heavy bars on this. You‘ve been warned!!!

Blaqbonez is a monster… “I‘m focused on fucking the game, you focused on sucking a bitch”… “I do it like it should be, y‘all never fit in this shit”. Gedes prepped for this, didn‘t allow Blaq bully him. There was a bit of issue with Blaq‘s part, like it wasn‘t properly mixed, the beat was louder than the voice, take note.

Gedes shows his “Eminem side” on this track as he raps to say he doesn‘t care about what people think about him being “Hardcore”saying he won‘t ‘blow‘.. He just a nerd for free. “You wouldn‘t be a beast at all with 3 Sixes (666) on”…“the problem is I‘m more problematic around problems”. This track is one of my favourite.

Gedes talks about the pressure of the hustle, the stress and confusion involved being away from the Family ties but still goes on to say he‘s a Fela kind of person, not concerned about the Grammies… blah blah blah!! Phlow is a one talent to watch out for and she talks about being under pressure to deliver and make it big even though she just started making music not too long ago. Seemed like Phlow‘s verse‘s too short, I wanted to hear more from her. She owned this one.

He goes in here saying some things he hopes for, wants to be a legend, wants to put smile on faces of people, he not only wants kids to smile and rejoice in the streets but also want them to listen, smile and be strong when they feel weak.

This track is motivational. He also paid respect to some of the gone greats; Da Grin, Kefee, Goldie, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

He talks about the society and the evils in it, trying to ‘Conquer the world‘. The hook was a bad imitation of Eminem‘s “Drop the world”, I‘m not a fan of it at all. Patogen tried,had nice verse, Gedes was on top of his game here, he aced it.

On a whole I‘d say this is one of the best Nigerian Rap Mixtapes released this year. Real Rap from start to finish, only for Rap heads.

Its not too late you can still stream and download the mixtape HERE: or download Zip File Its FREE!!

Reviewed by patOLUSOLA.

Follow him on twitter and Instagram: @HP_Conceptualz


  1. @Nasalexx_O

    February 15, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    This is among my best Hip Hop albums ever. Gedes put a lot of work in this and I’m happy about it. Ya’ll should get the album. I mean its actually a very great album. Very great!

  2. Jake

    February 15, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Gedes is an amazing writer. He’s got Power, wide imaginations, and yeah a good ear for sounds as well.
    I really liked the Mixing and mastering of the project, kudos to whoever did that.
    The choice of instrumentals,woah mind-blowing.
    The features too…On point.
    I join the bandwagon in the motion that #TWT is and will still be one of the most qualitative hiphop projects in 2016.
    Watchout for #TWM tho. Hehe.
    One love Gedes, from a fan.

  3. Dope Rapper

    February 15, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Always on point, keep it up…I still can’t get enough of Apology Accepted #AA

  4. Hormoladex

    February 15, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Tell me who gat dose words right if nt Gedes, ur choice of lyrics is always epic nd u r one artist d Music industry suld b glad to have, d sky is definitely ur starting point STAY BLESSED nd keep being inspired to do better

  5. MarzGraphix

    February 15, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    A golden album for free!!!

    The Waiters Theory was more than expectation.
    Super highly dope lines, perfect choices of instrumentals…. It’s a golden mixtape perfected with great upcoming artistes too. It’s not those kinda mixtapes you rain curses on after downloads.

    I really love it. First Nigerian rap album I’d fall in love with.

    To those who doesn’t listen to rap music, try this out….and if you hate it, add me on bbm 590C8CE3. You’d have your money back.

  6. Chulo Quan

    February 15, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    Gedes Is An Amazing Writer.. This Mixtape Is Fire!!! Nigeria’s Got Talent Mehn

  7. Swizz

    February 16, 2016 at 7:52 am

    @ Gedez me self na bad man, Everything about the album is dope TWT ………..kudos to the genius. That question no be beans i love that convo.

  8. Derrick

    February 16, 2016 at 9:30 am

    Big up to gedes ma nigga every track in TwT from back to back was a blast, hes one dope hip-hop head ,I gat ur back bro. 100#

  9. crownprince

    February 16, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    The album was a classic. I was left dumbfounded. The lyrics were majestic, the production top notch. I won’t be surprised if gedes becomes the top rapper in the not too far future. Like the reviewer clearly stated, GEDES is GOD! Good album, Great Rap!!

  10. Jay Boi (Da Skinny)

    February 16, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    This is def more than Rap. Someone better go tell Nas Hip Hop ain’t dead yet. This mixtape is an exemplery figure of a revolutionary Rap. I just wonder where such inspiration came from. Even the skit is on replay. Nice 1 Gedes. More barz to your papers. Nicest Mixtape i’ll luv to jam and even play for my kids wen i strt having babies.

  11. Trhymesz

    February 16, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Personally Gedes has never dissapointed me! One of the dopest MC’s i’m proud to be affiliated with!!

  12. ayzee

    February 17, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    The waiters theory is the definition of. Complete cycle and a universal set of all kinda song u need in an album which consist of inspirational song,love song……etc!!!!!@GEDES ur a real TALENT.

  13. redd

    February 20, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    The songs keep getting doper day after day..God bless you Gedes..thanks for bringing me Joy with ur music,,waiters theory was worth d wait..apology definetly accepted..

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